Creative recreation: Drawing a self portrait comics style

I used a classic dip-pen with ink and watercolor on
paper to make this self portrait. Illustration by
Lars Brandt Stisen. Click to Enlarge

I've never used dip-pen and ink before, so I practiced for 3 weeks in both text and shape drawings until I felt confident enough with the medium to start making some illustrations.

Practicing with pen and ink. Click to Enlarge

I had great fun testing various pen nibs and holders from manufacturers all over the world: From Japanese Tachikawa, Deleter, Nikko and Zebra to American Hunt (by Speedball), German Brause and English Leonardt which is now my favorite brand.

The French makes great ink and the English great watercolor, all based on my subjective preferences of course -you have to find the tool that works for you :)

Testing penholders and nibs. Click to Enlarge

It was also a great process practicing with real materials and the bandwidth they offer compared to using a computer. To me that is really inspiring.

The photograph I looked at while narrowing down the specific
characteristics I wanted to use. Click to Enlarge

I made a few preliminary sketches with pencil and pigment liner while looking at a photograph of myself. I later turned to pen and ink when I was satisfied with the basics. A mirror is also usable although mirrors obviously show a reversed image of yourself.

The finished ink drawing before colorization.
Click to Enlarge

And finally adding color. Click to Enlarge

I hope you enjoyed this little detour from the photographic themes I usually post on this blog. Even though it might seem far astray, an exercise like this is deeply connected to the fundamentals of photography, the eye and of course creativity and arts in general.

Thank you for watching!


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