Product photography: 24-karat gold Hoptimist for Danish magazine ad

The final Hoptimist ad in FEIN Magazine featuring the new Bumble in
24k gold. Photography by Lars Brandt Stisen. Click to Enlarge.

Studio assistant Mette readying the product for photography.
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Working with different types of reflections in the studio using custom made
lighting equipment. Click to Enlarge

The final image (cropped): Hoptimist Bumble in 24 karat gold.
Photo by Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Enlarge

The product is shot in high resolution with full depth of field to allow
detail-crops anywhere on the product. Photo by Lars Brandt Stisen.
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Another setup I did on white backdrop showing both sizes in the product line.
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Enlarge

You can view more of my work for Hoptimist and other international brands at my website:


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