Fashion photography: Essential items for the studio

Essential items for the studio (if you do fashion/apparel and lifestyle).
Photo by Lars Brandt Stisen, MADDOCMAN Berlin(Click to enlarge)

1)  Garment steamer (and distilled water)
2)  Hair & Makeup station with a lighted mirror
3)  Clothing racks
4)  Wastebasket
5)  Lint rollers
6)  Gaffers tape
7)  Paper towels and wet wipes
8)  Bobby pins and hairbands
9)  Clothes pins, A-clamps and Bullnose clips
10)  Refreshments (liquids and snacks for everyone)
11)  Band-aids, Aspirin and stomach tablets
12)  Model release forms and fresh pens

Some people use a lot of clay to fix products while others use a lot of clips to fix garments. I have listed the most common items for a fashion/apparel/lifestyle shoot. These are all equally important.

Note: The garment steamer is the Jiffy J-2000M, in case you were wondering.


Photographer and creative director at MADDOCMAN Berlin