Product photography: On the cover of Frankfurt Trade Fair Magazine top fair

The "Love Hoptimist" on the cover of top fair Ambiente
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom 

My Hoptimist picture featured on the cover of TopFair Ambiente -the official Frankfurt Trade Fair magazine with a circulation of 60,000 pcs :) Frankfurt Trade Fair is one of the world's largest trade fair companies.

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Fashion Photography: PANOPTIKUM - A homage to imagination expressed through fashion photography, electronics and software

From the series "PANOPTIKUM" by Lars Brandt Stisen.
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From the series "PANOPTIKUM" by Lars Brandt Stisen.
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Wall projections from the series "PANOPTIKUM" using custom software.
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Pressing the button will generate a unique room description every time.

From behind the scenes / Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

I wrote two editions of the software, one for download and one for use at
exhibitions together with the push-button interface and wall-projectors.

An excerpt from the latest series of personal work I've done. The project involves many aspects including software and electronics engineering, photographic engineering and fashion photography. The PANOPTIKUM project is a homage to human imagination as ability, and part of a series of projects that I am doing on the subject.

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