Product photography: Buddy by Danish designer, model and artist Mette Beate

Buddy - A very special teddy bear. Custom made to order by Danish
designer Mette Beate in Berlin. Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom.

Here is how Buddy is helping you to solve your worries...
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Handmade from the finest materials all Buddies are carefully crafted to each customers wishes. The blue teddy above is in denim, leather and soft plush with buffalo belly button from the 1950's DDR, handmade glass eyes and weighted paws filled with sand.

Hidden inside the zipper mouth is a soft leather tongue and room for a personal note.The teddy also has a leather heart inside it's body containing two stones selected to match the owners birth/zodiac sign.

Mette Beate is a Danish designer, model and artist based in Berlin Germany. You can see more of Mette's work on her Behance portfolio site: