Behind the scene: iPhone cover ad

Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen, MADDOCMAN Berlin - Click to Zoom

Danish design company Hoptimist is introducing a series of new products under the sub brand "by Hoptimist", in this case an iPhone cover. I needed to integrate the widely known iPhone while maintaining their brand quality presenting the product in a simplistic fashion.

Prototypes arrived at the studio in six variations. I selected three for the shoot to prevent the scene from becoming too busy. I lighted the scene from above, with a fill-in from the left. The table is a ceramic whiteboard, convenient for marking positions.
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Using duct tape and clamps to hold the phone with cover in place. The covers are made of transparant plastic with a molded rubber mat on the backside. Click to Zoom

Photographing the phone with lit screen has to be done in two steps because the amount of light projected on the scene is far beyond what the phone's screen can match. This means it will appear almost black if shot at the same time. So the first image was done with light and the second without, using a long exposure time.
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I tilted the phone to match the relief on the cover indicating the protective properties as well as imitating the bouncy products my client has been known for since 1968. An overview of the editing process from left to right: The photo is taken and later cut out, the image is retouched, the separate screen photo is cut out and added, finishing layers are added to make the screen appear glossy.  Click to Zoom

The final image I delivered to the client together with the image below and the one at the top.  Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen, MADDOCMAN Berlin - Click to Zoom 

Thank you for watching.
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen, MADDOCMAN Berlin - Click to Zoom

Client: Hoptimist ApS, Denmark
Art direction, photography and post-production: Lars Brandt Stisen

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Theme: Product photography for advertising. 

Featured by Schön! Magazine UK

Today my series "Frozen in time" (Berlin in 3D) was featured by London based Schön Magazine! I shot the series using a homemade 3D camera.

The homemade 3D camera I created to photograph the series - Click to Zoom

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Product photography for magazine ads

Since I started photographing in 2008 I've had my commercial work in several magazines worldwide. Here is one of my product shots in the celebrated Scandinavian magazine BO BEDRE.

This magazine ad was done the old fashioned way in one shot with my bare hands and camera on self timer, almost like animating puppets - Click to Zoom
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen, MADDOCMAN Berlin

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Exhibiting in London with Schön! Magazine

In collaboration with London based Schön! Magazine and the ambassador of Germany. Exhibiting work from my 3D series "Frozen in Time" at the German pre-Olympic party in London, celebrating creative industries on board cruise liner MS Deutschland.

Location: Canary Wharf, London UK

Invitees awaiting security check before boarding the Olympic cruise liner.
The MS Deutschland is docked in London during the 2012 Olympics where she will accommodate the official partners of the German Olympic Team.
Photo by Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

Fashion writer and photographer Scarlett with friend and 3D glasses. Talking 3D photography with the art editor of Schön! Magazine. Sun deck of cruise liner
MS Deutschland. Photo by Malene Andersen - Click to Zoom

Enjoying the party with editor-in-chief Raoul Keil of Schön! Magazine.
Talking collaboration with His Excellency Ambassador Georg Boomgaarden.
Photo by Malene Andersen - Click to Zoom

Fashion writers Linda and Malin with friends and 3D glasses. Guests on the sun deck enjoying the evening. Photo by Malene Andersen - Click to Zoom

London jet set enjoying the party in international waters.
Photo by Malene Andersen - Click to Zoom 

German RTL television reporter scouting the sun deck. London fashion editor Anita enjoying the party with friends and 3D glasses. Photo by Malene Andersen
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Guests having a good time with 3D imagery on board the MS Deutschland.
Photo by Malene Andersen - Click to Zoom 

Networking with holographic 3D projection expert Jill from London. Explaining the concept of building a custom stereoscopic film camera for the project. In the background "Traveller at Brandenburg Gate". Photo by Malene Andersen
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