Fashion photography: Test shoot with Anja

Fashion photography - Test shoot with Anja in Berlin
Test shoot with Polish-Danish Anja Suder in Berlin
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen/MADDOCMAN

Fashion photography - Contact sheet from the test shoot
Contact sheet crop from the shooting...

More images from the second test shoot I did with Anja:
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Lighted Makeup Mirror

Geeks club: I made a lighted makeup mirror for the studio -  Click to enlarge

I created a simple make-up mirror by mounting six E27 sockets on a classic wooden frame. The 60 Watts incandescent bulbs are controlled from a switch I mounted on the lower right side of the frame. The mirror has already proven it's worth on several fashion and beauty shoots. Below are a few snapshots from behind the scenes.

The lighted makeup mirror after completion - Click to enlarge

Danish model Malene Skovsgaard Andersen in the lights of the makeup mirror.
- Click to enlarge

Makeup artist Lea Nehring preparing Malene for the shoot.
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Danish model Malene Skovsgaard Andersen getting hair done.
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Danish model Mette Beate in the lighted makeup mirror.
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to enlarge

Mette after she shaved off her hair during the FLUX photo shoot (see link below).
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to enlarge

The lighted makeup mirror in my "Essential items for the studio" post:
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View my latest work "FLUX" -a photo story where Danish model Mette Beate is shaving off her beautiful hair during the shoot, in a tale about existence in a world based on the concept of time:

Here is some more of my photographic work on Behance for those people interested:

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