Photography and editing by Lars Brandt Stisen/MADDOCMAN

Fashion Edits: Creating a "twin" for Danish artist and model Rachel Hjort. The pictures shown are an extract from a fashion shoot I did with Rachel in Copenhagen/Denmark. The final image consists of three images that I edited together, masking hair, creating shadows and aligning image elements etc. to fit the final look. Good fun :)

View the full series in color and with more edits at:

Keywords: fashion, photographer, edit, retouch, photoshopped

DISCO! Custom mirror ball bracelet

The custom mirror ball bracelet I created for a photo shoot ;)

I made a sturdy leather bracelet and fitted the mirror balls to it. To view the fashion series where I used the bracelet, go to:

Product photography for Magazine Ads

New arrivals at the studio

The final shot for the magazine ad (click to zoom)

"Nosy Kids"
Here is a little "before and after" from a recent product photography session. The new color-nosed Hoptimist's arrived from Denmark at the studio in Berlin, for the advertising campaign. The final picture shown here is for a magazine ad. Logo and text are added afterwards by the advertising agency.

Hoptimist are sold in several shops here in Berlin including KaDeWe.

To view more of my commercial work for Hoptimist go to:

Keywords: Product photography, Advertising, Werbung, Werbefotografie, Produktfotografie

Model and product photography in Berlin

Dr.Go beverage advertising campaign Berlin (Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen/MADDOCMAN)

View the images here:

Creating an advertising campaign with a Berlin vibe, plus product pictures to go along. Creative direction, photography & editing by Lars Brandt Stisen/MADDOCMAN.

Dr.Go is a 100% natural high quality black and blueberry carbonated soft drink with caffeine from coffee beans and guarana plants. Dr.Go is produced by Dr.Go Drinks GmbH Berlin.

Time Machine

A photographic perspective on time travel

This exact moment was frozen in time and is now replaying on your screen in an infinite loop, right this moment... (3D image, self portrait)

"Under the arcade" (3D photo: Lars Brandt Stisen/MADDOCMAN)

The closest you get to travelling in time is a photograph.
It’s more precise than a memory, more present than a motion
picture and closer than a dream.

A photograph is a fragment of a time and place replaying in front
of your eyes in an endless loop. It’s continuously moving back
in time and thereby pushing closer and closer to reality.
The older a photograph becomes the further you travel through
time when viewing it. Welcome to the time machine.


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