AHOY! Note-taking software

AHOY! is a popular software application I wrote for taking notes. With the possibility of storing an unlimited number of private notes to pin, rank and colorize. Using live-search, password protection and encryption.

The quick overview:

* An unlimited repository of private notes with fast live search, password protection and encryption.
* Prioritize, categorize and colorize entries using the pinned list.
* Autosave and backup features.
* Notification alerts.
* Password generator.
* Place up to 32 sticky notes on your desktop (only visible when logged into AHOY!).
* Search and edit multiple entries at once using the detached PLOP Editor.
* Checklist templates with progress bar.
* Color themes and lots of customizations.
* Multi monitor support for all main editors and sticky notes.
* Place your data file (Pool) in a synchronized folder (OneDrive, Dropbox etc.) to access your notes from several locations.
* Calculator, message encryption, typewriter emulator, typing game and lots more...

AHOY! is completely free with no ads or bloatware. You can download AHOY! from its dedicated website at 

AHOY! is also available from GitHub:

-and Softpedia:

AHOY! note-taking software

Creative recreation: Drawing a self portrait comics style

I used a classic dip-pen with ink and watercolor on
paper to make this self portrait. Illustration by
Lars Brandt Stisen. Click to Enlarge

I've never used dip-pen and ink before, so I practiced for 3 weeks in both text and shape drawings until I felt confident enough with the medium to start making some illustrations.

Practicing with pen and ink. Click to Enlarge

I had great fun testing various pen nibs and holders from manufacturers all over the world: From Japanese Tachikawa, Deleter, Nikko and Zebra to American Hunt (by Speedball), German Brause and English Leonardt which is now my favorite brand.

The French makes great ink and the English great watercolor, all based on my subjective preferences of course -you have to find the tool that works for you :)

Testing penholders and nibs. Click to Enlarge

It was also a great process practicing with real materials and the bandwidth they offer compared to using a computer. To me that is really inspiring.

The photograph I looked at while narrowing down the specific
characteristics I wanted to use. Click to Enlarge

I made a few preliminary sketches with pencil and pigment liner while looking at a photograph of myself. I later turned to pen and ink when I was satisfied with the basics. A mirror is also usable although mirrors obviously show a reversed image of yourself.

The finished ink drawing before colorization.
Click to Enlarge

And finally adding color. Click to Enlarge

I hope you enjoyed this little detour from the photographic themes I usually post on this blog. Even though it might seem far astray, an exercise like this is deeply connected to the fundamentals of photography, the eye and of course creativity and arts in general.

Thank you for watching!


You can view more of my work here:

and on my Behance portfolio:

Imagination is the most powerful tool in existence...

"Imagination is the most powerful tool in existence, nothing was
achieved without it." Image and words by Lars Brandt Stisen.
Click to enlarge.

In deepest love and admiration to the human imagination, the sweet sister of our intellect. Don’t forget about her.

More work on my website:

and Behance:

Product photography: 24-karat gold Hoptimist for Danish magazine ad

The final Hoptimist ad in FEIN Magazine featuring the new Bumble in
24k gold. Photography by Lars Brandt Stisen. Click to Enlarge.

Studio assistant Mette readying the product for photography.
Click to Enlarge

Working with different types of reflections in the studio using custom made
lighting equipment. Click to Enlarge

The final image (cropped): Hoptimist Bumble in 24 karat gold.
Photo by Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Enlarge

The product is shot in high resolution with full depth of field to allow
detail-crops anywhere on the product. Photo by Lars Brandt Stisen.
Click to Enhance

Another setup I did on white backdrop showing both sizes in the product line.
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Enlarge

You can view more of my work for Hoptimist and other international brands at my website:


Keywords: product photography advertising jewelry 24 karat gold reflective surfaces hoptimist baby bimble bumble berlin stisen maddocman

DIY Photography: Building a photo booth for events, parties and weddings

I built a photo booth and deployed it at our friends' wedding in Berlin Germany.
The "Selfie-Booth" was made using a GoPro camera, some electronics, LED's an a doorbell. You can view the entire gallery with examples and behind the scenes images on my Behance portfolio at:

The photo booth is also featured at DIYPhotography:

The homemade photo booth or "Selfie-Booth" with its lighted
button and photographic lights. The photo booth contains a set
of timer and relay circuits that are setting events in carefully
timed sequence to reproduce the feel of a classic photo automat.
Click to Enlarge.

Image from the Selfie-Booth taken at the wedding party in Berlin.
Click to Enlarge

Image from the Selfie-Booth taken at the wedding party in Berlin.
Click to Enlarge

Image from the Selfie-Booth taken at the wedding party in Berlin.
Click to Enlarge

Images from the Selfie-Booth taken at the wedding party in Berlin.
Click to Enlarge

View my full post with all the images from building the photo booth to deploying it at the wedding party on my Behance portfolio at:

Thank you for watching!

Lars Brandt Stisen

Keywords: Photographic engineering, crafts, electronics, gopro hero3+ black edition, LED lights, wired triggering, timer, retro, floral wallpaper, simple, light weight, bts, tutorial, how to.

Fashion photography: Essential items for the studio

Essential items for the studio (if you do fashion/apparel and lifestyle).
Photo by Lars Brandt Stisen, MADDOCMAN Berlin(Click to enlarge)

1)  Garment steamer (and distilled water)
2)  Hair & Makeup station with a lighted mirror
3)  Clothing racks
4)  Wastebasket
5)  Lint rollers
6)  Gaffers tape
7)  Paper towels and wet wipes
8)  Bobby pins and hairbands
9)  Clothes pins, A-clamps and Bullnose clips
10)  Refreshments (liquids and snacks for everyone)
11)  Band-aids, Aspirin and stomach tablets
12)  Model release forms and fresh pens

Some people use a lot of clay to fix products while others use a lot of clips to fix garments. I have listed the most common items for a fashion/apparel/lifestyle shoot. These are all equally important.

Note: The garment steamer is the Jiffy J-2000M, in case you were wondering.


Photographer and creative director at MADDOCMAN Berlin

Commercial photography: IMPOSSIBLE apparel shoot in Berlin

A little BTS from shooting new apparel for The IMPOSSIBLE Project.
Photo by Mette Beate and Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

Apparel shoot this week with our lovely client The IMPOSSIBLE Project here in Berlin. A gallery with a selection of my work for IMPOSSIBLE is underway, which will display a wide variety of photography assignments.

Models: Cheyenne and Danny
Styling: Debbie
Assistant: Mette

To view more of my work please visit my website at:

Candy break: Soft liquorice toffee with lemon and sea salt

Sweets for the crew - Click to Zoom

Soft liquorice toffee "Kick" bars with lemon and sea salt -A special delivery from our favorite Berlin candy store "Herr Nilsson GODIS".

If you live in Berlin and like liquorice, pay a visit to Herr Nilsson GODIS and support a sweet initiative:

Photo Story: FLUX -existence in a realm ruled by the concept of time

From the FLUX photo series. Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen
Click to Zoom
Mette shaving off her hair in the FLUX photo series. Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen
Click to Zoom

New project feat. Danish model Mette Beate who is shaving off all her hair during the shoot at our Berlin studio. FLUX is a tale expressed through photography and poetry about existence in a realm ruled by the concept of time.

View the entire story on my website:

Thank you for watching :)

Best regards

Keywords: poetry, tale, story, fashion photography, hair, bald, model, mirrors

Product photography: On the cover of Frankfurt Trade Fair Magazine top fair

The "Love Hoptimist" on the cover of top fair Ambiente
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom 

My Hoptimist picture featured on the cover of TopFair Ambiente -the official Frankfurt Trade Fair magazine with a circulation of 60,000 pcs :) Frankfurt Trade Fair is one of the world's largest trade fair companies.

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Fashion Photography: PANOPTIKUM - A homage to imagination expressed through fashion photography, electronics and software

From the series "PANOPTIKUM" by Lars Brandt Stisen.
Click to Zoom

From the series "PANOPTIKUM" by Lars Brandt Stisen.
Click to Zoom

Wall projections from the series "PANOPTIKUM" using custom software.
Click to Zoom

Pressing the button will generate a unique room description every time.

From behind the scenes / Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

I wrote two editions of the software, one for download and one for use at
exhibitions together with the push-button interface and wall-projectors.

An excerpt from the latest series of personal work I've done. The project involves many aspects including software and electronics engineering, photographic engineering and fashion photography. The PANOPTIKUM project is a homage to human imagination as ability, and part of a series of projects that I am doing on the subject.

You can view the entire series on my behance portfolio at:

For more information about me please visit my website at:

Information about our Berlin based commercial photography studio, can be found at:

Product photography: My images of the IMPOSSIBLE Instant Lab in iGNANT

The IMPOSSIBLE Instant Lab takes instant (polaroid) pictures of your phones screen.
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

My pictures of the IMPOSSIBLE Instant Lab in iGNANT, Germany's biggest art and design blog:

For more info on the IMPOSSIBLE Instant Lab please visit:

View more of my work at:

Commercial photography: My images in German INTERVIEW Magazine

Frontpage from INTERVIEW Magazine, December 2013
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

My interior images from Berlin based fashion agency Temporary Showroom is featured in this article in German INTERVIEW Magazine (and properly credited): http://www.interview.de/mode/shop-des-monats/temporary-showroom

For more info about Temporary Showroom please visit:

View more of my work at:

Product photography: My image of the IMPOSSIBLE Instant Lab in German ELLE

From ELLE Magazine, December 2013 - Click to Zoom

My product image of the IMPOSSIBLE Instant Lab featured in this post from German ELLE, December 2013: http://www.elle.de/elle-weihnachts-bazaar-163246.html?ref=163591

The Instant Lab is a special camera that takes instant (polaroid) pictures of your phones screen. For more info on the IMPOSSIBLE Instant Lab please visit:

View more of my work at:

Product photography: Buddy by Danish designer, model and artist Mette Beate

Buddy - A very special teddy bear. Custom made to order by Danish
designer Mette Beate in Berlin. Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom.

Here is how Buddy is helping you to solve your worries...
- Click to Zoom

Handmade from the finest materials all Buddies are carefully crafted to each customers wishes. The blue teddy above is in denim, leather and soft plush with buffalo belly button from the 1950's DDR, handmade glass eyes and weighted paws filled with sand.

Hidden inside the zipper mouth is a soft leather tongue and room for a personal note.The teddy also has a leather heart inside it's body containing two stones selected to match the owners birth/zodiac sign.

Mette Beate is a Danish designer, model and artist based in Berlin Germany. You can see more of Mette's work on her Behance portfolio site:

Fashion photography: Modeling portfolio

Mette Beate is a gifted clothing designer, creative director and artist from Denmark now living in Berlin Germany. Besides her creative activities in Berlin she is also an aspiring model suited for advertising lingerie, jeans and accessories.

We already did a few series to match most of her target appearances and wanted to add a "swimsuit and jeans" appeal before submitting the comp card to a selection of model agencies.

View the entire series on my Behance portfolio (link below).

Contact sheet from the photo shoot. Selections appear in red marker.
Click to Zoom

One of the selected images from the photo shoot. Click to Zoom

One of the polaroids from the photo shoot. Click to Zoom

Pages from the finished comp card. Click to Zoom

View the entire series on Behance:

Photography by Lars Brandt Stisen
About me: http://www.maddocman.com/lars-brandt-stisen.htm

Photoshop CS6: Custom zoom percentage

A tutorial on how to set custom zoom levels and binding them to keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CS6

You might find yourself zooming in and out a lot between editing cycles, to view the changes you've done to a photograph etc. Zooming out is easily done using standard shortcuts, but zooming back in to your favored percentage (which for some people is a specific/arbitrary value) is a different story. Now if you do retouching for a living and needs to zoom in and out many times a day, zooming back into your preferred level becomes a genuine issue. So here is a step by step tutorial on how to make a keyboard shortcut (or action preset) that will hit your favorite zoom level every time.

The preset can be altered and duplicated to provide a palette of custom zoom levels right at your fingertips.

NOTE: The zoom level is calculated relative to image resolution. Although this example is aimed at Windows users it should be easily applied to Mac as well.

Step 1: Creating the script

• Create a new empty text file and paste the code below into it while changing the percentage value "225" in the "setZoomLevel(225)" function call to your preference eg. a value of 89.5 will zoom to 89.5% (see the comments in the code)
• Change the name of the file to have the ".jsx" file extension (exampe: favorite-zoom-level.jsx)

Script code (copy all the text in orange color):
function main(){

// Change the value between the parentheses below
// into your desired percentage:

// Leave the code below unchanged
function setZoomLevel(zoom){
if(zoom < 1) zoom =1;
var ref = new ActionReference();
ref.putEnumerated(charIDToTypeID("capp"), charIDToTypeID("Ordn"), charIDToTypeID("Trgt"));
var getScreenResolution = executeActionGet(ref).getObjectValue(stringIDToTypeID('unitsPrefs')).getUnitDoubleValue(stringIDToTypeID('newDocPresetScreenResolution'))/72;
var docResolution = activeDocument.resolution;
activeDocument.resizeImage(undefined, undefined, getScreenResolution/(zoom/100), ResampleMethod.NONE);
var desc = new ActionDescriptor();
ref = null;
ref = new ActionReference();
ref.putEnumerated(charIDToTypeID("Mn  "), charIDToTypeID("MnIt"), charIDToTypeID('PrnS'));
desc.putReference(charIDToTypeID("null"), ref);
executeAction(charIDToTypeID("slct"), desc, DialogModes.NO);
activeDocument.resizeImage(undefined, undefined, docResolution, ResampleMethod.NONE);};};

Step 2: Adding the script to Photoshop

• Close Photoshop
• Copy the script file into the Photoshop scripts folder: "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Presets\Scripts\" (it might be a different path depending on your version)
• Start Photoshop and verify that the script appears in the Scripts menu (File -> Scripts)

Step 3: Assigning the script to a keyboard shortcut

• Open the Actions panel and create a new action, name it to your liking and select a shortcut key.
• While recording select "Insert Menu Item" from the fly-out menu (a popup will appear)
• While the popup is displayed Photoshop will wait for you to choose a menu item: Go to the Scripts menu (File -> Scripts) and select the newly created script.
• Stop recording, that's it.

I hope you found the information useful :)

Best regards
Lars Brandt Stisen, MADDOCMAN BERLIN

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Product photography: Magazine ad for Hoptimist Denmark

The picture we created for the Hoptimist magazine ad  - Click to Zoom

Photographing a new range of Hoptimist products for the "by Hoptimist" bowls advertising campaign. Creative direction: Mette Beate, Photography and post-production by Lars Brandt Stisen and Mette Beate, Studio: MADDOCMAN Berlin.

View more of our work on Behance:

Read more about our Berlin based imaging studio at:

MOSCOT New York putting our work in prominence...

"LOOK! MOSCOT! The LEMTOSH in Blonde looks particularly stylish in the
"EGO IN PROMINENCE" photo series, by photographer Lars Brandt Stisen"

-MOSCOT - Click to Zoom

The series I made in collaboration with model, designer and art director Mette Beate was noted by MOSCOT New York who posted an image from the series on Facebook :)

View the full series "EGO IN PROMINENCE" on Behance:

MOSCOT New York - Vintage Eyewear and Sunglasses:

Link to the MOSCOT post on Facebook:

My images in WIRED Magazine

My images and video featured in this article by WIRED Magazine.
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

Advertising photography:

WIRED Magazine is featuring my images and video in this article on map2 also known as The Zoomable Map by Anne Stauche, London UK.

Read the full article on WIRED Magazine:

Fashion Agency Temporary Showroom

Temporary Showroom shop floor in Berlin. Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen
- Click to Zoom

Temporary Showroom shop floor in Berlin.
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

Temporary Showroom shop floor in Berlin. Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen
- Click to Zoom

Fashion Week sponsor delivery from Starbucks arrived during the shoot...
- Click to Zoom

Shooting press pictures for fashion agency and shop Temporary Showroom, run by creative and managing director Martin Premuzic in Berlin. The images are used by fashion magazines and blogs around the world covering Berlin Fashion Week and European trends.

Among the brands available at Temporary Showroom are:
Stine Goya
Augustin Teboul
Marc Stone
Henrik Vibskov
and more...

Excerpt from the Temporary Showroom website:
"Throughout the years, the agency has successfully presented labels at several tradeshows and has provided fashion show production services to its clients, including participating in the official Mercedes-Benz Berlin fashion week. Other trade show and fashion events have been held in Düsseldorf, Warsaw and New York."

More about Temporary Showroom can be found at:

More on my work can be found at:

Fashion photography: Danish model Mette Beate in EGO IN PROMINENCE

Excerpt from the series EGO IN PROMINENCE feat. Danish model Mette Beate
wearing the Moscot Lemtosh. Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

Excerpt from the series EGO IN PROMINENCE feat. Danish model Mette Beate.
Photo: Lars Brandt Stisen - Click to Zoom

View the full series at:

More info about me and my work:

Creative direction: Lars Brandt Stisen / Mette Beate
Photographer: Lars Brandt Stisen
Styling / Hair & Make-Up: Mette Beate
Model: Mette Beate
Post-production: Lars Brandt Stisen
Studio: MADDOCMAN / Berlin