AHOY! Note-taking software

AHOY! is a popular software application I wrote for taking notes. With the possibility of storing an unlimited number of private notes to pin, rank and colorize. Using live-search, password protection and encryption. 

The quick overview:

* An unlimited repository of private notes with fast live search, password protection and encryption.
* Prioritize and colorize entries using the pinned list.
* Autosave and backup features.
* Notification alerts.
* Password generator.
* Place up to 32 sticky notes on your desktop (only visible when logged into AHOY!).
* Search and edit multiple entries at once using the detached PLOP Editor.
* Checklist templates with progress bar.
* Color themes and lots of customizations.
* Multi monitor support for all main editors and sticky notes.
* Place your data file (Pool) in a synchronized folder (OneDrive, Dropbox etc.) to access your notes from several locations.
* Calculator, message encryption, typewriter emulator, typing game and lots more...

AHOY! is completely free with no ads or bloatware. You can download AHOY! from its dedicated website at 

AHOY! note-taking software